Thursday, February 09, 2006

Bruce! - and other Richmond artblogs

Bruce Wilhelm
Bruce Wilhelm has a blog! Or at least a blogspot address which he is using as a place to post his work. I am a big Bruce fan, here is an old post of one of his shows.

The blog I am addicted to has recently posted on Marcel Dzama and Amy Cutler, two artists that Bruce's work has sometimes reminded me of (more the older messier Amy Cutler stuff than the new cleaner Amy Cutler stuff). I recommend hunting around on my blogroll to try and find that blog, I am not going to make it easy for you, sorry.

Bruce Wilhelm
I own this Bruce Wilhelm painting! I bought it maybe two years ago or so. The paper part is glued to a white board, sort of off-center. You are looking at just the painting, not any wall.

I'd like to say more, maybe pull some quotes from the comments of that other blog, but I'm too sleepy and hungry right now. Maybe tomorrow.


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n8shac said...

To give a glimpse at how terrifyingly self-propagating this internet thing is, I just found a new blog called RVA blogs by searching my site stats. Apparently people from all-over are milling about on RVAblogs.com, discovering your material, which is now linked to mine. Neat!

fairy butler said...

bruce's work is really good.

n8shac said...

Bruce has quite a following in the RVA area, he's affected a number of local and nearby students with his work which appears to always be on the walls of ADA. I like his compositions, although I'm almost hungry for something larger - the fact that more people are populating richer landscapes within his works definately makes the case for painting worth watching. There's two other artists whom I really want to mention right now, but without websites for them it probably wouldn't do much good. Guys, put some blogs/art up!

Anonymous said...

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