Sunday, March 08, 2009


Irving Ballin(g)... haha!! just kidding!... it's IVIN BALLEN, at Winkleman Gallery.

Fulvio di Piazza
Fulvio di Piazza, at Bonelli Arte Contemporanea. I remember admiring his painting at a previous art fair - in Miami? - but can't recall when or where.

Bonelli Arte Contemporanea = LA's Bonelli Contemporary?

Julie Heffernan
Julie Heffernan, at ?. Sorry, forgot to get the gallery name... think it was European.

Jochen Plogsties, at ASPN. Similar to David Fertig, or Merlin James, both of whom I like.

Laurie Hogin
Laurie Hogin, at Schroeder Romero. This is a detail... here is the full painting.

Also enjoyed the two William Powhida pieces I saw... one at Schroeder Romero and one at Invisible Exports.

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