Tuesday, April 07, 2009


- Lauren Luloff, at Sunday LES, opening Tuesday April 7th - shit that was tonight, sorry.
- William Powhida, at Schroeder Romero, opening Friday April 10th.
- Fred Gutzeit, at Rupert Ravens Contemporary (in Newark), closes May 2nd - this is a HUGE gigantic space with multiple artists showing LOTS of work.
- Ry Rocklen, at Marc Jancou Contemporary, CLOSES April 11th. Nancy Smith will post some photos soon and I'll link to them... I enjoyed his stuff in two different booths at the 2008 Armory, but did not notice anything this year. Wish I had known earlier about this show.

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Barnaby said...

OH! I didn't realize Lauren was opening.. I want to see that show.