Thursday, May 07, 2009

William Powhida

William Powhida at Schroeder Romero... closes May 16th.

William Powhida

William Powhida

William Powhida

...and on eisenman, whoah! she has a big show at the tang opening late summer that i will be sure to check out.

- William Powhida's blog.... a few of the posts have some fun comments to read.
- Art Fag City on the show... with many comments, including from William.
- James Kalm visits William Powhida's studio Part I, Part II.
- anaba collects!

UPDATE: Holland Cotter's NYTimes review... disappointingly uncritical.



"disappointingly uncritical..."

Take that back you Negative Nelly!

Martin said...

i'm happy for powhida, but that review was lame...


How dare you criticize Mr. Pulitzer.

zipthwung said...

or was the review Lah-mey?

Did you read the interviews of S and R in the Brooklyn rail? And the Irving Sandler (I ama gentleman of my time) invitation to dance with theory? Theory kills, is what I hear. Or maybe it;s that people kill, but theory also can kill, but it needs a medium or god, what , oh. Sorry wrong seminar.

zipthwung said...

I;m just not convinced unless someone is serious and has an argument, otherwise it just sounds like someone agreeing with me.

kelli said...

Cotter's reviews are usually kind of genteel and mellow ( OK bland ) but he makes an effort to be fair and to cover things off the beaten path. I read somewhere that some people tried to be vindictive with Powhida after being depicted in the last show. If that is true it is utter douchebaggery and the good review is karmic payback for them. Karma, a cruel master that teabags all douchebags with unrelenting fury.