Tuesday, April 01, 2014


is this a joke?

"Paint! The first on-line platform to exclusively present the very best of contemporary painting with contributions only by internationally renowned artists"

"Paint! invites a selected group of acclaimed painters to propose and select features on noteworthy international exhibitions"

"The mission of Paint! is to create a successful network of specialised contributors, with the intention that Paint! becomes a tool for reputable professionals dedicated to the language of painting"


Umar Saeed said...

If paint succeeds in this mission then it will help people to find the the great art work online done by the renown artists from all over the world. I really appreciate this idea. Thanks for sharing

junaid said...

This is going to be a great step to promote the painting industry. Painting is about passion and thoughts, which are putted on the paper with the help of colors. This also helps to promote the digital art for sale. I really appreciate your thoughts and ideas.