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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gary Snyder Gallery

Sven Lukin, Tucson, 1966

Gary Snyder Gallery, at Armory Show... in the Modern section... great booth. I liked it so much I later went to the gallery in Chelsea and saw a good Max Gimblett show.

Thomas Downing - ah okay, I am looking at my previous Armory posts and seeing I have featured this gallery before... Thomas Downing, at Armory w/Gary Snyder, 2009.

Ron Johnson??? Waht! Totally unexpected nice surprise. One of my favorite RVA artists.

(+ Gary Snyder represents Al Loving... another favorite)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thomas Downing, Paul Feeley, Jon Kessler, Agathe Snow

Thomas Downing (painting) and Paul Feeley (sculpture) - Downing's Grid 7, 1969... Feeley's Deninb El Delphini, c. 1966... at Gary Snyder Project Space.

.... at the Armory Show.

Jon Kessler. He had work in two different booths. I have to go to Deitch and see Kessler's Circus.

Agathe Snow.

Don Rubell is researching anaba and will soon be contacting all of my favorite artists. Good Luck!