Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Latest Rejections

I've gotten three or four rejections in the last week; I'll list them -

Delfina Studio Trust - this would have been great. London!

Segal Foundation - if I had gotten this I would have bought a 1976 Winnebago. i wrote about applying for this here.

Ota Museum Fellowship - i want to go home! i wrote about applying for this here.

I have so many rejections!!! I'm taking consolation in the knowledge that I am one of many. I am legion. I've discovered a boomlet of over-the-top anonymous artist's blogs, here are some quotes from a couple of them -

From Mountain Man's artisticthoughts:

"I don't understand gallerists. I feel so puny today!!!!"

"In thinking about the artworld from an artist's perspective, it's important to remember: 1. You are puny."

"I'm defeated. So. You know how I'm googling my enemies. Well. I googled an enemy and it turns out that she got into something I applied for. UNACCEPTABLE!"

From Art Star's Planet Mega Ultra:

"Lately I am thinking that I need have sex with someone who has a career. That may be a good way to go."

"There are a few women out there who seem to know how to work it. I want to be like them and have my picture posted on artnet with a drink in my hand and a coy but knowing look on my face."

Mountain Man is hilarious - I can't keep up. I like Art Star too. I think they are all applying for the Deitch MTV thing?

I did get one acceptance into a group show, I'll announce it when I have all the info.

Congratulations to Todd Gibson on his new baby!!!!


I forgot to mention Fairy Butler's phantastic:

"I am an artist. The psuedo spring rings its bells but I fail to answer them. I am imprisoned by failure. The Greater New York Show. What is so great about it? Why do these crafty titans refuse me? Ignore me? Stifle me with their pale curatorial efforts?"

Fairy Butler on getting his/her latest rejection here.


mountain man said...

Martin, what can I say? I have never been quoted before so it's a real thrill. It's good to share the misery with others, you feel less alienated. I know I have a propensity for alienation and I am feeling much better now with my blog. You truly are a great guy. I check out your blog all the time, as you know so thanks for checking out mine. BLOGS ARE BETTER THAN GALLERIES!

Hey did you notice Larry Gagosian made an entrance onto one of my postings yesterday. Check it out under "Cuddles." If you dare.

summer seminar said...

Let's hear it for rejections! Mine keep rolling in too, maybe I should start a separate subsite to cover them. Oh the pain.

minor painter said...

I find this whole getting your work out into the world thing so frustrating sometimes. I hate feeling like it's a race and I am hopelessly losing.

fairy butler said...

Good morning to you! The magic of rejection really is catchy isn't it? One thing I want to make clear ... I am not, no way, no how, taking part in the artstar reality tv shenanigan. It offends me greatly. I held back all day yesterday from commenting more on it. I don't know how long I can keep it together.

Art Star said...

I am not either. NO WAY. But I will definitely watch it.

Anonymous said...

I did a whole radio show on just my rejections. The show is an hour long and I didn't even get to them all!....

Anonymous said...

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