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Monday, July 23, 2012

Theater for the New City

Armando Merrero, Give Me Liberty or Fuck You.

at TNC Gallery, at Theater for the New City. One of my favorite places to see art in NYC.

Charles Krezell at TNC, on anaba 7/2010.
Shawn Cupid at TNC, on my flickr, 9/2011. Can't believe I never put these on anaba.

Armando Marrero
Armando Merrero

Mike Rimbaud
Mike Rimbaud, Love Until the End.

i did not get the name of this artist but is this one of the weirdest coolest paintings i have seen this year??

+ crazy ever-changing murals in the basement.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Charles Krezell

Charles Krezell

Went to this weird show with Denise K. last month... there was some freaky stuff. My favorites were Charles Krezell and Martin Perez.

This other Krezell is more brushy and frenetic... can't figure out what is happening, some kind of landscape with a figure, maybe walking on water(?)... makes me think of Ensor or someone, and even a little of Vic's paintings. There are some letters but I can't make out what it might say, and at the bottom right is a black plastic bag pushed through a hole in the canvas.

Charles Krezell

Charles Krezellllllllll