Thursday, October 22, 2009


Diamond D. Kupferschmidt at the Real Love Apartment Show!!!

Joshua Smith at Real Love Apartment Show. Joshua and Denise are the artists responsible for all the Apartment Shows. How many have there been now? I've been to three including this one... the one at Artist's Space and THE LEGENDARY APARTMENT SHOW XOXO.

Gina Beavers at Real Love Apartment Show.

Andres Laracuente and Denise Kupferschmidt at Real Love Apartment Show. Denise is probably the coolest person in New York City (???).

Liz Markus at Real Love Apartment Show. Liz is one of the stars of the show... hey I can see myself in the crowd!

Carrie Pollack and Gianna Commito at Real Love Apartment Show.

Joe Montgomery at the communal potluck and show he organized for Leo Koenig's project space (where Buia was)... with work by Carrie Moyer, Tony Feher, Alison Fox, Pat Steir, Alex Olson, Jason Meadows, and more.

Henrietta Mantooth on the last day of her show at Sideshow Gallery.

Mark Kostabi. I went to a double-taping of Title This... if you ever have a chance GO because it was a lot of fun. I'll make a post about it next week.

Diana Al-Hadid with her brother Maz at BAM show curated by Dan Cameron.

Jacob Feige and Jeffrey Tranchell, at NADA/Art In/Visible Spaces NADA's County Affair(?).... not sure what it is called exactly... I will just say NADA. Jacob is one of the artists included in the Bob Nickas book. Jeffrey had great work in HKJB's Bad Graphic Design and Apartment Show XOXO.

Fran Holstrom at BAM.

Rachel Owens at NADA.

Matthew Lusk (with a friend whose name I have forgotten... someone tell me) at NADA. Matthew has the carefree skipkicking hobo you may have seen in the NYTimes.

Sarah Bednarek! at BAM.

Kanishka Raja at Whitey on the Moon, the show he curated for 106 Green.

Roger White and Mitchell Wright at Mitchell's 106 Green. Roger is in the newest show. Roger White at Rachel Uffner. Roger White at D'Amelio Terras.

Christopher McEvoy at John Davis Gallery. First time to see Chris in ten years, since we did a residency at Vermont Studio Center.

Linda Mussman at John Davis Gallery.


Kai said...

Hey Potato guy, you missed out on some good paparraziing....

Martin said...

system:system? yeah i bet it was good... how did your entrance look?

1 more week on the farm!

Kai said...

It looks awesome

Steve Roach said...

It's fun to finally see what some of these people look like! Thanks!