Monday, July 16, 2007

Roger White

Roger White paintings, at D'Amelio Terras. That baja painting, on the right, is the one currently being talked about on PaintersNYC.

Roger White has two paintings in this small show. The one on the right is called Baja, and the other one is called something like "sheet", or maybe "towel"... can't remember... but, it is evidently a painting of a sheet or a towel. Neither of these I guess are really abstraction... but the sheet one is not so obviously a picture of something, like the baja. Both are painted well, thin and loose. The "sheet" is full of a triangle pattern... and within each triangle the brushwork is unfussy and spontaneous. Very much liked that one.

Liked the Chris Martin also, with some of the collaged elements stapled directly to the canvas. Here's an article by Chris Martin about abstract painting.

HEY! There is an article about artblogs in the Brooklyn Rail, by James Kalm, and he talks to Painter (of PainterNYC), Barry Hoggard, and James Wagner!

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