Monday, July 16, 2007


This recent NYC visit was a crazy social whirl...

I saw so many people... it was nuts, kind of non-stop. Old friends, planned meetings and unexpected encounters, and artblog friends, and art people I had never met before.

a partial listing:

Gabriel Bennett - unexpected, on the street in Chelsea. we BOTH did the classic double-take thing. Gabe was at the 31 Grand opening later that night... it was packed.
Max-Carlos Martinez - at Sarah Peters' show, and later he was at the 31 Grand opening. Okay... I should stop saying "was at the 31 Grand opening", because pretty much everybody was at the 31 Grand opening. It doesn't need to be stated.
Eric Sall - we went to a bunch of galleries in the Lower East Side - I think that's what that area is called - before heading over to the pre-party.
James Wagner and Barry Hoggard - at Tom's party, and at the opening.
Tom Sanford (and Alex) - super gracious... it was cool to see his work in progress, how things are blocked out first, after seeing these amazing details on his Danish friend's blog. Oh... and here's an interview, with a bunch more images.
Barnaby Whitfield (and Byrd, and Byrd's mother and sister) - Barnaby is too funny, and his work is EXCELLENT.
Daniel Heidkamp
Carol Riot Kane - Barry took our picture at Tom's party, and put it on bloggy.
Erik Benson
Cougarfuck - crazy kids.
Ryan McLennan - first saw at the opening (he's in the show), then went to a bunch of Chelsea galleries with him and Bruce the next day.
Meridith Pingree - Meridith! VERY happy to see Meridith. Meridith has a show opening at The Soap Factory, in Minneapolis, i think September 8th. Missed seeing Kai, but we talked on the telephone.
Jon Elliott - he's also in the show... I liked his piece. It was hard to pay any attention to the art at this PARTY/opening, but I'm remembering studying and talking to someone about this one.
Bruce Wilhelm - Bruce was at 31 Grand to support Ryan... that was a nice surprise.
Jen Bandini and Hooper Turner - they've posted some photos from the opening on their blog...
Michael Anderson
Langdon Graves - my memory is hazy at this point, but i think i met Langdon briefly... right? or was it Virginia? i have mixed it up....
Claudine Anrather
Maureen Cavanaugh
Lauren Gibbes and Jason Weatherspoon
Donny George - complete shocker! I hadn't seen Donny since Richmond, a couple years ago, and didn't know he is now in New York
James Kalm - YAY! James Kalm is awesome... he videotaped most of the show, and much of the crowd. I am on there for waaay to long, drunkenly dorking out.
Deborah Hampton - okay, this was at the bar... AFTER the pre-party and AFTER the 31 Grand opening... but I know I talked to her.
Sarah Peters
with Kim Keever
and Kim Keever! You can see Michelle Tillou reflected in Kim's photograph.

The photo at the top of the post is of Barnaby Whitfield talking with James Wagner, at Tom Sanford's studio... I can't believe I didn't take more photos.

WHERE was Michael Cambre? I would have liked to have met him. Also missed Kelli.

Okay... I am ALL NEW YORKED OUT. Saw a bunch of art that I'll post on, but don't think I'll go back for a while.


Barnaby said...

Damn.. were you taking notes?

That apparently is my pose The Gay Laugh..

michae cambre said...

i was there briefly but it was a bit too crowded for me. split right away. sweet of you to think of me though.

kelli said...

Martin I'm sorry I missed you too. I get a little crowdphobic and figured I would see my friends in other places anyway but then missed meeting you and Lauren and Jason. As they say on the Simpsons, Doh!

Barnaby said...

Martin! You're on paparazzi!

martin said...

that's cool!

langdon said...

yes, we met at ryan's opening.