Friday, July 20, 2007

Michael Hakimi, PLUS!

Michael Hakimi, at Andrew Kreps. This is a two-person show - with Ellen Gronemeyer, also good - but I want to post the Hakimi alone first.

The piece above is paper, the black is spray-paint, and I wasn't thinking of it as representing anything, but it's actually a stencil of a city-scape. Knowing that, I still read it first as form. I'm reading the positive space (which i guess is actually the negative space)... just liking the colors and hanging. If anything... I see it as a hanging robe, or maybe a bat form.

Interesting because it is a painting, a sculptural element, as well as the thing left-over from the making of another painting, possibly part of a performance... without the performance-relicness taking away from the individual objectness, the way that sometimes can.

He's got some other pieces - large, free-hanging, purply digital prints - that read as abstract (and could be paintings), but which also reference buildings and skylines... although not so much that once you realize it you lose the abstract reading.

Two small floor pieces are separate individual works, but placed under the wall hangings.

Twelve small coins on a small sheet of square paper, which you can see in the first picture posted, and six belts on a German newspaper. Maybe the coins and belts and newspaper are more city references? Something male? This show looks almost too good... too handsome, too well-designed.

Michael Hakimi shows at the Glasgow gallery Sorcha Dallas, as does Charlie Hammond and a number of other interesting artists.

That's my belt. I couldn't resist.


Carla said...

Hi Martin,
Funny, I read that Hakimi piece as representing a huge swath of dripping paint, that had been digitalized.

Carla said...

I mean that the hanging paper was representing all that.

martin said...

yes, i see exactly what you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

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