Wednesday, July 18, 2007

an interview, a panel... TODAY!


Richard Polsky will be interviewed by Eva Lake today at 3pm. You can listen LIVE, on your computer - and call in - or you can listen to the archived mp3 later.

Richard Polsky really hates Marlene Dumas. HEY, man vs. women people new to anaba, here is my Artnet gender breakdown from a year-and-a-half ago... has it changed? I haven't checked.


Ad Hoc Vox, organized by Colleen Asper and Jennifer Dudley, is sponsoring in-depth conversation about the representation of women in the arts.... TONIGHT... 7pm, at Brooklyn Fire Proof.

The discussion's participants are Phong Bui, Colby Chamberlain, Dana Frankfort, Maureen Gallace, Elizabeth Huey, Paddy Johnson, Deborah Kass, Wendy Olsoff, Danica Phelps, Katy Siegel, Lisa Sigal, and Becky Smith. Colleen Asper will moderate the discussion, which will be followed by a Q&A with the audience.


Anonymous said...

Here's the interview.

My blog is locked and I can't post it. (bummer.)



Anonymous said...

i was wondering what happened...

Anonymous said...

..is this a common problem? I guess a Blogger robot thought I was a spam blog...


Anonymous said...

okay, i see you fixed it, and i listened to the polsky interview. good one.

about the dumas/polsky post, i didn't say anything about gender bias.. that was an anonymous commenter.

i was only calling attention to his many sideswipes at dumas, not speculating as to his motivations.

BUT... he did say a few things in that interview that, i guess raised my eyebrows.

also, that stuff about the flaunting of the re-sale laws? what the hell?

Anonymous said...

I am sorry if I sounded like YOU said anything about gender bias; I merely meant that somehow in the blog it became an issue...

Anyway... I think it was good to bring up (whoever it was who did) because it's an issue all over, whether it is Dumas or all the other women artists who he says gets attention 'cause they are women (!!). ....I thought he handled it pretty well because he was actually able to say "you are right".. and some people just cannot do that.

Thanks for listening!


Anonymous said...

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