Monday, July 09, 2007

Assume Vivid Astro Focus

Stop Wars.

Assume Vivid Astro Focus, at John Connelly Presents - Everything, including objects, is covered and wrapped with sheets of 3-D paper, spelling out four-letter words like BUSH, VOTE, CRAP, PIGS, HOPE, LIES, HOLY MOLY, LIFE... all of them piled like the Robert Indiana LOVE sculpture.

The 3-D glasses include half a face, so everyone is walking around with the same half-face, reaching out to touch 3-D things. This was fun, with people. Barry has a great picture.

So, is AVAF one person, Eli Sudbrack, or is it sometimes a collaborative? Maybe it is always Eli, but collaborating with different artists along the way, for different installations? I thought the 2004 Whitney Biennial room, with the spiral staircase, was a super-snooze... but this John Connelly installation was electra-engaging. Downstairs was more, a long corridor, music and neon... I can't describe... but it was hypnotic, threatening, intense, really good.

assume vivid astro focus
there is a room you can stick your head in and see a bunch of party trash.

assume vivid astro focus
These are the same balloons that were being given away at his Art Basel: Miami container, in 2005.

ABMB: Basel souvenir
i got a couple.

Hello hello, Police Headquarters, can I help you?

apartment 3-D
My apartment was 3-D!!!