Thursday, June 28, 2007

Charlie Hammond, Haim Steinbach

Charlie Hammond, at Anton Kern (in the back).

This one has stones imbedded in the canvas, I think it's called Sculpture of a Stonethrower.

The gingham pattern is painted, not collage. Looks like he is taping those shapes out first, making the brown part, and adding the pattern after.

I'm not sure of his process in making the brown part, or how exactly he painted the first one. I read something about how he will do things like attach a brush to a revolving drill, to make what he calls "macaroni" paintings. Neither of these are examples of the macaroni paintings; those are full of loopy curlicue lines all over a darker ground.

This work is now making me think of the Massimo Bartolini airplanes, in that the process seemingly involves play, or toying around, with formal, elegant looking results.

Haim Steinbach, at Sonnabend.