Friday, June 29, 2007

stats 'n stuff

STATS! i need a motivation transfusion, STAT!

Sometimes I get kind of blah about this blog.... like... what is the point, who cares, nobody comments anyway, artists are not taking control, this is too much effort on my part, i want to focus on PARKOUR now, etc.

But, I just looked at my statcounter thing to see what is up compared to last year, and although I expected more visitors than the year before, I am surprised at how much it all keeps increasing. So, that motivates me to keep doing it, I guess.

The bar graph above is the Yearly Summary. Blue supposedly represents unique visitors, and green represents the number of page views. The number of unique visitors for 2006 is almost double that of 2005, and we are only halfway through 2007 but are close to matching 2006.

Not sure how all of this works exactly.... I read something once about people using RSS feeds or some other things/ways are not accounted for here (?).

Monthly bar graph, from January 2005 through today. There was a jump in April, don't know what that's about.

blog crisis -

Plus, and related, someone mentioning something negative about blogs appearing self-promoting.... aargh, that bothers me. I am ALL FOR artists promoting their work, in whatever way they best know how... whether that means moving to NYC and networking, or putting your shit on a blog.... just hate the hangups and hypocrisy people have about it, acting blase... the stealth shit. SORRY, I am not trying to be confrontational.

UPDATE 6/30/07: I'm better now! Next time I feel blue I will try to stick to lashing out, or malicious gossip.


Barnaby said...

Martin. Screw it. Just do it.

I always get the most hits when you say somethin' about me by the way (well except when I'm on boingboing but still..)

I don't do statz anymore.. but I don't talk to the people like you do...

martin said...

thanks barnaby.

Mark said...

Think of all the new friends you've made, Martin. Bloggin is just a small portion of what you do and it's a way to talk about your work too, which is most important, your work.

Barnaby said...

oh and yes .. more malicious gossip!

martin said...

i cannot do parkour in flip-flops.

Steven LaRose said...

From what I hear...
They never would have invited you to be in the killer show "Blart" if your stats WEREN'T doubling.

"Self Promo and Self Awareness". Now there is a title for a show about bloggers.

Dude, it is why Sisyphus has GOT to be happy.

Keep on swimmin' swimmin'.


Barnaby said...

Martin. I was just reading your comments about "Ghost Rider" on my blog.. I think you should add more movie review posts.

thank you.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i don't think readers are counted, but they're a great way to keep up with all your favorite blogs without clicking a million bookmarks. i'll admit you're on mine.... so i'm not one of the 8 trillion people who read this week as far as you know!

Anonymous said...

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