Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Nancy Baker - will be interviewed by Eva Lake today at 3pm... that should be a good one. You can listen live - and call in - or you can listen to the archived mp3 later. I listened to the Charlie Finch one, in three twenty-minute segments.

Ha. I loved it when Nancy wrote in a recent comment thread on her blog "if I see one more MFA show in the galleries I'll puke"... because I said something similar on Winkleman's blog last month, regarding an MFA show Winkleman was hosting, and wondered what Ed's represented artists thought about it. This began a strange fight with Ed... go read the thread. I'm still weirded out that he evidently spent six months assuming I was someone whose thinking is so different from my own. Makes you wonder...

Oh, I should explain that Nancy is represented by Ed... that's why I'm glad she said that puke thing. Better late than never.

UPDATE 6/17/07: oops, Nancy is no longer represented by Ed. How does that happen? I mean, these galleries are so "choosy" about taking on an artist.. then she has one show and that's it? Is it a sales thing? Creative differences?

Anthony Fineran - WOW! He sent me the painting that is at the top of this post! It's real small, like the size of a book. I will be thinking of what to send in return.

Sarah Peters - Sarah has a solo show opening at Winkleman's on Friday! Okay! That's one I can get behind!

Here is my Sarah story... it actually turned out to have way more coincidences, mainly, that Mountain Man had stayed at my apartment in Richmond. The Carson/Sarah coincidence was strange enough, but the added MM thing really blew my mind.

I miss the early MM days...

RELATED: if you are into Eva's interview program, you would also probably like listening to ArtCritical's review panels. There is a lot of stuff archived, just scroll down and listen.

UPDATE 6/14/07: a visit to Madarat Gallery... this is the Iraqi gallery featured in last week's NYTimes.


Anonymous said...

Thanks again!

Here's Nancy.


fionaross said...

Sarah's new work is really wonderful- mesmerizing - go see!

martin said...

i might, cause i will probably be going to nyc next week. almost certainly.

what else should i see?

carol es said...

hey martin, i just read that thread from april on ed's blog. what a loss not to have you commenting there. i believe you were very misunderstood by ed. who hasn't been? and i'll join you in vomiting sometime, or dry heaving rather (less messy).

but i can't say i am surprised by any of the discussion there. mostly, this placating to the hot art schools and young, wet nosed artists: it's everywhere like a wild fire, not just with ed or in chelsea. and it's not the fault of the younger artists either (nor us old, washed up hags over 35!) i think the hostility towards the young MFAers is just a default reaction. it's difficult to direct these frustrations towards any one group or person. i hear these frustrations on a constant basis from artists at all levels of success, so it's not some paranoid idea by a few angry artists with some gallery rejections. it's easy for gallerists and temporarily hot-selling artists to say it is though.

someone on the thread made reference to more energy and power being dedicated to followers, and i can't agree more. i think this is the real problem here. i mean, commercialism is a problem in itself. it's an oxymoron to art if there ever was one, yet we still want to play with the fire. we get all stupid when we get burned wondering how it could happen. originality and money aren't usually long-lasting business partners - it's not that we can't ever have both, but when in crisis i think we have to be more loyal to one or the other so that depression doesn't swoop in as the ultimate consumer. easier said than done though. all of life is just one big reality tv show and art has become like product placement.

i know i got off the point there, but i swear it made sense in my brain before i typed it.

Anonymous said...

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