Friday, June 08, 2007

four more.... too good to ignore

Lauren Luloff - has an outdoor installation in the backyard space at Black and White Gallery, opening TONIGHT (6-9pm). I reaallly enjoy her stuff...

The work will stay up, or whatever happens to it in the elements, June 8 - July 16.

Eva Lake - has started an interview-based talk radio show covering visual art. The scheduled guests for the show are all announced in advance, and you can listen live - and call in - or listen anytime because all the shows are archived.

Eva has already done one with Charlie Finch (I haven't listened to it yet), Nancy Baker - of Tire Shop/Edna/Winkleman fame - is coming up soon, followed by Chris Ashley. Good ones! Later she is doing Richard Polsky... Richard Polsky really hates Marlene Dumas.

Hans Heiner Buhr - has a response to Damien Hirst's diamond skull...

"it's carbon, it's light, it's pleasure, it's beauty, it's death, it's expensive and it's not an very original idea"

Drew Liverman - as mentioned briefly in the previous post, Drew Liverman has an eight-page spread in the current issue of Beautiful Decay.

It's called A Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, Based Loosely on the Seminal Text by Valentin Andreae... I'm not sure if I have that exact... just go to page 64. Here is some info on the source.


Anonymous said...

Here is the Charlie mp3.


martin said...

i have just finished listening to it... i listened in three twenty-minute segments.

i liked the "do we matter?" question. roberta smith is in her sixties? i didn't know that.

lots of stuff i didn't know.

Anonymous said...

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