Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mike Hein

Lightspeed, 2008, plexiglass.

Mike Hein, in Fervor, at Edward Thorp Gallery, through October 31st.

Lightspeed, 2008. Warped gloss. Rainbow colors in back, unfortunately (?).

detail of Lightspeed. Shatter pockmarks.

Mike Hein
Rabbit Rock, 2009, plexiglass. So weird. Saw this on Old Gold, which made me want to go check out the show.

Old Gold interview with Mike Hein. Click here and scroll down to see lots of Mike Hein on Old Gold.

Log, 2009, plexiglass, MDF

detail of Log.

interior of Log.


zipthwung said...

i left a comment on the post before this that applies to this one regardig local color. But this does look like certain finish fetish minimalist neo goth death metalist people - I think thier work verges on fashion, which it kind of is, so then what? Is it just a nice object to focus your mind on? If so why plexiglass?

Martin said...

the photos i posted probably don't show it enough... but i think he generally uses too much humor and whimsy to associate much with the goth minimalist stuff.

the log is like a plastic toy, or a fairyland log. his stuff has the color and shine and artificiality of the wizard of oz movie.

Kai said...

Mike's really good with the plexi. It's a gift that he shouldn't ignore.

+my word verification is vieracti.