Sunday, October 11, 2009

shows to see

if you're looking to see something good try -

Andrew Erdos at Jack the Pelican (CLOSES TODAY 10/11), David Kennedy Cutler at Derek Eller (10/24), Andy Yoder at Winkleman (10/24), Vincent Fectau at Matthew Marks (10/24), Ida Ekblad at Journal Gallery (10/25), Joanne Greenbaum at D'Amelio Terras (10/31), Sarah McEneaney at Tibor de Nagy (10/31), Jonathan VanDyke at Scaramouche (11/1).

Good group shows at Leo Koenig's project space, at Canada, at Momenta, at Gresham's Ghost, at Red Flagg, at Maccarone.

photos later...

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Anonymous said...

Fecteau and Greenbaum best shows up now in Chelsea. Kind of blows everyone else out. Canada show excellent I agree