Tuesday, April 26, 2016


I un-posted this (below) after I initially wrote it two years ago because whatever I am dormant and didn't want to end on a sour note... but I will re-post it now because annoying


Roberta Smith says James Franco sucks but instead why doesn't she just shut up about him... it's the third review she has given him. Waste of space. Two full reviews of George Bush paintings too.

Roberta Smith on James Franco 8/19/2010.
Roberta Smith on James Franco 11/18/2011.
Roberta Smith on James Franco 4/22/2014

Thanks Roberta.

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eageageag said...

The word I'm looking for is...complicity. All of the salaried art critics must grease the wheels. They are not heroes of the unsung. There is also editorial influence. I doubt any staff art critic has complete freedom, no matter how many years they have been at it. The kids like Franco, and Bush doing anything, including making worthless piece of shit paintings, garners attention.