Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mission Creep

So sad. I have a statcounter which shows me the things that people google. Someone googled "does white columns respond to artist". Answer posts here and here.

Next week White Columns shows Janice Guy. Janice Guy's gallery, Murray Guy, shows White Columns Director Matthew Higgs.

Janice doesn't really make art anymore, she'll be showing her work from the 1970's. White Columns' website states, "Guy abandoned art making in the early 1980s"... sort of like how White Columns abandoned support of emerging artists in the early 2000's.

Concurrent with the Janice Guy show will be an exhibition of work from the collection of critic Vince Aletti, and a show of stuff from the collection of curator Bob Nickas.

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Ann said...

Do you have any opinions about earlier White Column directors?

Martin said...

not really, do you?

matthew higgs' predecessor, lauren ross, is mentioned positively in the second half of this post:


Chris said...

We have the statcounter too over at Wordpress. I did a post where I half-jokingly talked about Stendahl Syndrome and listed the symptoms: dizziness, rapid heartbeat,etc. And showed a work that consisted of 6 color field paintings titled "Six Color Field Paintings based on Colors I See During Orgasm" by Matt Wycoff. Now we get lots of hits from google searches for just those symptoms and the occassional "rapid heartbeat during orgasm." I'm thinking about putting a link to the AMA or the Kinsey Institute in the comments section.

Anonymous said...

i used to love wc and never missed a show when i came here in '99. the old shows had tons of energy, were messy, fun, big beautiful and ugly. the white rooms were interesting too. i started noticing the white rooms skewing in favor of people that had already gotten some notice and/or were connected and then with higgs the emerging thing just went out the window. tomoko ashikawa when she was at artists space was great about giving shows to the underreps, but when rattemeyer took over that place it became just like wc. i dont bother with either one anymore. its ironic that when both places got $ to move their artist registries online and hence more usable and relevant they became less so.

wc used to ALWAYS get written up in the Times in the pre-higgs days. it was nice that roberta and the gang would review those shows. artists got good exposure from that, turned into shows for lotsa them.

Anonymous said...

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