Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mary Heilmann

Sisters of No Mercy, 1989.

Mary Heilmann, at Zwirner and Wirth. I haven't seen the New Museum show, but I saw the one at Zwirner and Wirth. Closes this Saturday, November 1!

Mary Heilmann

Yoshimi, 2004.

Mary Heilmann

Mary Heilmann

Franz West (in foreground), 1995.

Mary Heilmann

Storm, 2005.

RELATED: James Kalm at the opening. James Kalm visits the New Museum show... NICE!


www.jeffmartinceramics.blogspot.com said...

cool blog, glad i found you, i have added you to my blog roll..art on!..jeff martin

Anonymous said...

i love mary and love her work and am more than happy for her success, but enough already!!!!!the media blitz is just over the top i am getting sick of it as i am of the election.

zipthwung said...

Are these paintings deceptively simple? No. They are simple.

Artist who paint like this have given themselves permission to be simple - which is in and of itself a radical concept, though I find myself getting bored working in that mode.

But why not chillax - it will come out in the work, and chill sells more than angst.

Anonymous said...

I thought Heilmann was the matriarch of chillaxn.
but i have to admit it is not free of angst. maybe thats why i like it.

zipthwung said...


tinear said...

I think they are carefully and dutifully "modern"-in a fairly relaxed,yes,way.They seem a bit good student-y-not especially driven.

eda said...