Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bridge Art Fair

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Marshall Reese and Nora Ligorano, F**k Snow Globe, $150, at Fuse Works.

Fuse Works' booth was full of interesting things, mostly editioned pieces. The website is full of more good stuff... Melissa Pokorny (whose work I first saw at Aqua Miami 2005), Matt Richards' Gellochio, Ethan Crenson's bald hair model poster. WANT WANT WANT. What a great collection. I will definitely add links to all of this later.

David Kramer
David Kramer, Coffee Mug, $45, at Fuse Works. Want. It says "Fuck" on the back.

Allan Packer, Portal, at Fuse Works. It's a spinning mesmerizer in a grotto. Want. I would put it on top of my tv.

?, at maybe Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts? Sorry, I forget.

Peggy Cyphers, at BROADTHINKING's booth. BROADTHINKING (am I writing that correctly?) is Peggy Cypher and Chris Twomey's art collaborative/curatorial project. They did that good show at Broadway Gallery earlier this year, which included another nice painting by Cyphers.

Alexis Hubshman scoping Bridge.


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