Monday, September 21, 2009


Guy Trebay on a bad experience with Takashi Murakami. Tate-shakai Murakami.

Dave Hickey on art (from about 8:18) - "Art doesn't do any of the things that we expect of American creativity... you know what I mean... it just makes a bunch of Jews a bunch of money". Was that a gaffe or a planned quip? Fuck. I thought the whole talk was a ramble. Oxygen... you know what I mean? Love the SS shadow bolt across the red curtain while he is at the podium smearing the Jews.

Katherine Markel on early Richard Prince.

Richard Prince on receivership, in 1982 - "Later, maybe, the receiver will be domestically located. In our homes I suspect. We’ll be getting subscription pictures over the cable. It’ll change the whole notion of what’s 'homemade'. It’ll he fun. It’ll be threatening too. A lot depends on who thinks they have control".... "The degrees between amateur and professional will possibly become quite indistinguishable. Anyway, they’ll be a lot more ripping off or at least a contesting of each other’s territory."


Nomi Lubin said...

". . . it just makes a bunch of Jews a bunch of money."

Interesting. Interesting what one can still get away with saying about the Jews.

zipthwung said...

Is richard prince jewish?