Tuesday, September 22, 2009


James Kalm has been requested by School of Visual Arts' Communications Director Michael Grant to take down his Dave Hickey SVA lecture videos.

From yesterday's post -

"Dave Hickey on art (from about 8:18) - 'Art doesn't do any of the things that we expect of American creativity... you know what I mean... it just makes a bunch of Jews a bunch of money'. Was that a gaffe or a planned quip? Fuck. I thought the whole talk was a ramble. Oxygen... you know what I mean? Love the SS shadow bolt across the red curtain while he is at the podium smearing the Jews."

Maybe Jerry can have his Glenn Beck show at SVA.

UPDATE: Charlie Finch on Dave Hickey at SVA, Charlie Finch on Dave Hickey - Hickey the Phony - 7/2001.
UPDATE: Las Vegas Weekly profile on the sad sack duo of Hickey and Lumpkin, 3/26/2009.


Kai said...

I love the ramble, especially the two fingered guitar bit.

Martin said...

america didn't support/encourage art until pollock... what about the wpa? or i guess you must have liked the part about college art teachers, that nobody more than ten years older than the students has anything to offer? that is asinine.

cult of personality.

and no... i don't have an mfa, teach/work at any college or art institution, am not a jew, and do not live in nyc. i don't need to be personally offended to see this guy is talking out his ass.

Nomi Lubin said...

Do you think they asked him to take down the video because of the Jew remark?

And do you really need someone's permission if you're not going to sell the video or image of them?

Martin said...

i doubt it.

Ethan Greenbaum said...

I wasn't sure I heard him right at the time...you can get away with a lot in a civil setting

Kai said...

My greatest childhood memories involve an old datsun. Yeah, he's chatting right out of his ass, but the datsun bit was funny.

cralbert said...

I hadn't heard that the first time I listened to the talk

kelli said...

That's offensive. Jews aren't nearly as vile as Christians and Muslims.