Wednesday, September 01, 2010

...absolute fetishism...

Paul Thek, Thek's Tomb, 1967.

Whoah nice! Add Paul Thek at the Whitney to my list of upcoming shows to see... opens 10/21.

Photo above is scanned from a Robert Pincus-Witten Artforum article of 1967, showing Thek beside his wax cast self-portrait... part of his most(?) famous piece, Thek's Tomb... or Death of a Hippie.

Thek's Tomb was shown at the Stable Gallery, where "one enters a spacious, rosily-lit and incensed haze out of which rises a large, three-tiered ziggurat"... inside the 11.5' tomb the wax cast... "All is 'petal and American vermilion' pink - the light, the garments, the Tomb interior, the shoes"... "pinned to the cheeks are discs of painted butterfly-wing patterns. A funerary necklace alternates these circles with passages of hair, ending in a pendant and a long wash of hair that runs down the length"... the mouth is part open, blackened tongue protruding... the fingers of the right hand are sliced off, placed in a pouch hanging on the wall.

This piece has since been lost.


ken said...

can't wait for the Thek show.

Martin Bland said...

Saw this show in Spain. It was curious. The sketchbooks were funny!