Friday, March 25, 2011

vagina gumtata

kind of pathetic to see people getting ridiculously outraged over who was excluded sixty years ago while in the HERE AND NOW fawning over JS, who has written 18 single artist reviews/features on contemporary artists in the past two+ years, with only three of them on women (two on the same woman, abramovic).

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and guess what i take full credit for the dumas review even happening.


hydeordie said...

I totally agree with you. Part of the reason there aren't more women included in that list is probably because during those times people weren't reviewing those women and then deeming their work "important" with their stamp of approval. We have to shed more light on these women now so that the same thing won't happen again in 60 years.

Anonymous said...

I plan on writing about women artists exclusively for the next few years. There is an awful lot of catching up to do, and there are MANY great artists who happen to be women out there.

Male art critic