Friday, April 08, 2011

Nari Ward

Nari Ward

Nari Ward, at MASS MoCA

Nari Ward
Sprague Electronics things

Nari Ward, with Sylvia Chivaratanond and Philippe Vergne.

Nari Ward

Nari Ward
Old smokestack from the original factory used as the base.

Everything gets re-used and recycled at this museum; things from the factory and town end up in the art, things from one artist's exhibition get repurposed for another exhibition (Jenny Holzer's window blockers become masking for Katharina Grosse, Christoph Buchel's abandoned theatre seating gets used to view Guy Ben-Ner work). Many of the current guards and attendants are former factory employees.

This place is a treasure.

Nari Ward at MASS MoCA


Mark said...

looks good, will go soon.

meridith said...

cool. want to go see.

fazzinoart said...

This is such fantastic work. Mass MoCA is amazing...one of the best venues for unique art displays.