Sunday, January 01, 2012

Favorites 2011

Hagia Sophia - I was in Istanbul for six weeks!!! courtesy of Jasmine Justice and Jesse Farber.

Meridith Pingree
Meridith Pingree, Magic Curtain, at Freight and Volume.

Joshua Abelow's Art Blog Art Blog - Ross Bleckner let Josh have his NYC studio for six months, Josh let people curate shows.... he hosted nine two-week shows and a one-night Bro-Out. Thanks Josh!

Best Shows Not Seen By Me - Gina Beavers one-night show at PACS.... as seen by Andrew Russeth, and Lori Ellison + Lawrence Swan at Valentine.... as seen by James Kalm. Regretfully missed both.... BUT - Gina is having a solo at Nudashank opening in February! - and Lori is having a solo at McKenzie opening THIS THURSDAY 1/5.

Sharon Butler's New Casualist article - it is nice to be noticed. Thanks!

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