Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Alison Fox

Alison Fox, at John Davis Gallery.

Alison Fox
these are pics of paintings from the downstairs floor only, i forgot to take pics of the paintings on the main floor.

Alison Fox in Party at Phong's, on anaba 10/13/08.
Alison Fox solo at ATM, on anaba 7/2/07.
Alison Fox at Sikkema Jenkins, on anaba 3/27/06.
Alison Fox at NADA Miami, 12/8/05.
...and of course there is one of those posts that got me on the shit lists way before any of the whatever shit lists i am on now.

Alison Fox - my mom said she was looking at this and thinking 'waterfall', later looked at the list and saw the title - Waterfall.

NEXT few posts are gonna be current John Davis shows. Alison Fox is in the main space but there are good shows in the carriage house.

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Anonymous said...

these are full of knowing "bad" moves {muddy, sure, but also a certain consistency in the size of the stroke and a really aggressive refusal to crispify edges) but it ends up looking good, surprising, rewarding and not cynical. its like the anti-josh smith in that I get the sense that each move matters.