Saturday, July 13, 2013


Eight Ball, at Geoffrey Young Gallery, in Great Barrington. MA. Closes 7/27.

Brece Honeycutt.... wearing a cool shirt she made... I think she said she made it by wrapping something really hot/burning(??)... I can't remember, maybe a horseshoe?... but it was an interesting process.
Initially I thought it was like a Cai Guo-Qiang gunpowder thing... like he did for Gap... as seen in 'Which Infant Stool Sample?'.
Geoffrey Young (L) Michael Dotson (Center) Gary Petersen (R).
Somebody remind me who did that yellow piece... it's plastic pepsi bottles or something all flattened and smooshed down, painted over yellow.
Vince Contarino!... - I've known Vince for a few years at least but this was the first time to see a selection of his paintings,,,, NICE!
Vince Contarino and Nina Smith.

Cary Smith and John Phillip Abbott

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Paint on a shirt.