Monday, November 08, 2004

The New MOMA

Artcritical.com has an interesting discussion on The New MOMA. It's a good read, I've only excerpted some parts for non-NYC artists to roll their eyes at, like Williamsburg being a place that doesn't get much attention and the need for curators to go all the way to Bushwick. The italics are mine.

Christian (Honesty is the Best Policy) Vivero$-Faune:

I honestly look forward to the museum returning to a sustained and growing level of interest in the art of today, and I say this not only because I aim to sell the museum more work, but because… -- I say bring it on.

Susan Jennings:

Luckily, Chelsea is not the only neighborhood with galleries. There's Williamsburg!

Rocio Aranda-Alvarado:

I find that occasionally I spend three hours in Chelsea and don't see anything truly inspirational. Williamsburg, however, is a different story, as is Newark. I believe sometimes that the more interesting things happen in the (perceived) periphery. There are some extremely motivated and wonderful young artists doing great work and organizing themselves in significant ways in these places that get less attention.

Susan Jennings:

That is why I try to go to these places and then tell people at White Columns, for example, about what I see that is outstanding. It is also why it is so important for curators, critics and dealers, not to mention artists, to go to Williamsburg, Jersey City, Bushwick, wherever the artists are.

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