Wednesday, June 15, 2005

FEAST... Against the World

feast, originally uploaded by Bromirski.

Went to 1708 Gallery to see the FEAST show today. Feast (I'm not sure if it needs to be capitalized or not) is a six-member artist collective consisting of Terral Bolton, Terry Brown, Sherry Griffin, C.J. Hawn, Stephanie Lundy, and Chris Norris. Most of the work in this show is photography - but consider Feast a campy conceptual performance group. They use themselves and others as models in the photographs.
The piece pictured above is from the glamorous TULIP series, all using the same model. These TULIP pictures have a new wave fashion feel, and the model looks a lot like Lynda Carter (one of the photos is called TULIP "the lynda carter shot"). They're hot.
I'M SUSAN POWERS "and this is my fur" is a sexy 70's photo of a bare-shouldered brunette in fur and JULIE & STEVE "penthouse portrait" has no nudity but captures that sleazy swinging Bob Guccione mood perfectly. The BECCA & BRIDGET and GRETEL photos bring to mind Matthew Barney photos - stills or publicity shots from some weird campy narrative.
The 1708 Gallery people have revamped their website. Very nice. Go to the website and click on exhibitions and from there click on current - click on that photo to see a slide show of the exhibition and reception. If you saw the show and have something to say please leave a comment.

FEAST... Against the World
closes June 25th.

FYI - Paulette Roberts-Pullen has written about the Feast show and two other local photography shows in the current Style Weekly.

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