Thursday, June 09, 2005

Scope Hamptons???

The more thoughts on Dumas, Saltz, the art market, etc post has generated a lot of comments on pricing. It has gotten a little weird. Commenter Snoopy made mention of reading somewhere about "posting low prices being a public proclamation of your low self-esteem" - and I'm going to the Art for the Cash Poor festival* on Saturday where nothing can be priced over $150.00! This is definitely the lowest I will ever offer a painting for, I'm going for fun and limiting how many I make available, but all the work is good stuff I've made so far this year and not stuff being thrown together to sell cheap. It will be really embarassing if nothing sells at all. Roberta Fallon and Libby Rosof are going to be there too. I hope the weather is good.

Artists continue to voice opinions on the work of Marlene Dumas on the Jerry Saltz still doesn't like Marlene Dumas post. Seth, the latest commenter, has provided a partial listing of who he thinks are the "vital female painters working today" - one of whom, Ati Maier, I was unfamiliar with. Thanks for your list Seth.

*Speaking of art fairs, I can't believe there is a Scope Hamptons! That's sick! How sad.


carol es said...
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carol es said...

the comments i made about pricing comes from a book called, "How to Survive and Prosper as an Artist: Selling Yourself Without Selling Your Soul" and it's actually pretty good. lotsa stuff you already know, but some helpful things in there too. that wasn't the only the author suggests on pricing work by the way; there are some other idears in there too. but there is quite the pep talks on artists needing more confidence, and those parts i found most inspiring.

good luck on saturday. i've done many of those types of events myself. don't sweat it. tell roberta and libby hello from carol es.

Hans said...

Quite possible that nothing will be sold. My experience is, a painting of USD 2000, wich is not sold to a buyer, wouldn't sell for USD 200 either.
That's why I prefer a little bit higher prices, and sell more rarely, than working like an Ebay-artist.

And of course quite a lot people think, that a cheap painting is also a bad one.

Martin said...

Grijsz - I'm prepared for that possibility.

The paintings I'm bringing aren't my $2,000 paintings though, these will be paintings that would run $400-600 or so in a gallery.

If I sell two I'll be relieved that I've covered my bus/hostel/food expenses.

How do we pronounce "Grijsz"?

Anonymous said...

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