Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Joy Garnett, Katrina Benefit, Katrina Photos

Joy Garnett
Joy Garnett has donated a painting from the Strange Weather series to this event that's raising money for Gulf Coast visual artists. I really like Joy's paintings. Above is one from her series New York's Chelsea Art District On Fire. I think that is Anton Kern's gallery, especially uploaded for Edna.

I have an aunt and uncle who live(d) on the Gulf Coast; here is how they found their house shortly after people were allowed back in the area. All of their kids are grown and live in Mississippi, and I think two or three of them also lost everything. My cousin Mimi has just sent these Gulf Coast before and after pictures.

katrina before after photos
So strange to see these old houses completely gone, with the trees fine.

katrina before after photos
The low blue entrance gate is still there.

katrina before after photos

katrina before after photos

katrina before after photos
Only the stairway and the tree.


amieo said...

Thanks for posting these. I, too, have many relatives and friends in Mississippi and New Orleans. I moved to VA from New Orleans way back when. It looks like the folks on the coast have managed to make more progress than the New Orleanians... but they are used to this by now. I have one cousin whose husband tied himself to a live oak tree and watched Camille take down their antebellum home on the beach. They rebuilt. Katrina took this one. I think I would live in a tent or use cement slaps the third time round.

Other friends lost everything but their cars and the clothes on their backs. Did you see Lisa Wilder's Katrina damaged paintings last month? She has temporarily relocated to Richmond from her grad program in NOLA. There was some powerful work in the show.

Hans said...

Cool painting from Joy !

Anonymous said...

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