Monday, February 06, 2006

February First Friday Report

No nudes!!! I couldn't see the nudes at Gallery5! They had a line that went all the way down the block. I 've since heard that they had EIGHT THOUSAND people come to that opening! Can that be right???

The weather was nice and warm, and there were tons of people hitting the galleries on Broad Street, many many more so than at the galleries on Main Street, which still had good crowds - but the Broad Street galleries were packed.

There is a huge art audience here, maybe not many buyers, but a very big and interested audience, and unfortunately most of what was available to see on Broad Street was crap! I'm shocked at how many people come out to look at bad stuff. It is exciting.

We need to show more and better stuff.

Why was 1708 Gallery closed? UPDATE: They were open, just had the windows blacked out. Thanks, Nate!


n8shac said...

1708 was very much open. I got there somewhere after 8pm, and they had the windows blacked-out because of the video work being projected. They had some night photography landscapes towards the back that had been blown-out to appear like daylight which I felt were interesting in a few ways, but I didn't stay long.

I've never seen anything like what Gallery5 had done before, but I was definitely impressed by how well-done it was presented. I was there at 7:30. I had trouble getting up the stairs and the 1st floor was jam-packed. My room mate, who happens to be a stock broker and has very little interest in art, hounded me all day for details about the show, got there at 8:30pm, and couldn't be permitted inside because the line was threatening to wrap around the block. Usually I can pick-out a good number of familiar faces, students, professors, and frequent visitors in an average 1st Friday crowd; I felt like I was in a completely different city because the demographic had completely changed. Cheers to Gallery5 for this one, not only did it draw a crowd but I feel that it allowed for what everyone expected to be a contreversial show but presented it in a tasteful, respectful, and professional manner. One thing I will say is that I noted a couple of works which I plan on going back to see again, but for the most part I wasn't paying attention to the work on the walls. Clothed or not, there were too many people there to take much appreciation of it, which I suppose is a terrific reason to come back.

RVARockfish said...

I definitely noticed that there were a lot more people out and about.

I recognize that the nude factor was in effect, but I think another reason for the crowds may have been the WRIR one year anniversary celebration at the Richmond Renaissance. Acts like Special Ed and the Short Bus, The Cheap Seats, and VCR attracted a huge crowd. There was a separate room for DJs that wasn't as well populated but they had a cool silhouette screen that some people were dancing in front of.

Anonymous said...

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