Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Black Factory for Dinner

The Black Factory will be at the Artworks/Artspace/Plant Zero complex for a performance on Thursday, July 13th!

They have a place to stay, but they'll be hungry after the Thursday performance. Do you want to have them over for dinner? Who would like that? Who is a cook and a performance artist? Hmmm... who?

You know who you are! Contact me or Dana at Artspace if you can cook them dinner or take them out. Maybe Wednesday evening also, not sure. They are hoping for bag lunches on performance day.

Don't forget to bring your Objects of Blackness!

"One of the things the Black Factory does during the event is collect objects that represent blackness to the audience. They bring their object, both the donor and object are photographed, and the photos are put onto our website. if the person wants to donate the actual object we add it to our archive. Or they can choose to just have the object photographed but not leave it with the BF. We get lots of great, well thought out objects. But we also get a lot of people who didn't realize this part of the event, or forgot to bring something. For those people we want to give them an opportunity to participate in donating. This is where the Black Object Vendor comes in. A local artist - who? YOU if you're interested! - collects objects between now and the performance day. These should be found objects, things around the house you'd be getting rid of, things you find outside, etc. We'renot asking you to spend money, just to gather objects you think could represent blackness to a variety ofaudience members. Think of blackness in broad terms since anyone in the audience could come to you as a vendor. If someone did not bring an object, we refer then to you to select an object. Which they then donate as their own to the Black Factory."

more info later. please forward this post to people you think might be interested in cooking or black object vendoring.


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