Thursday, July 13, 2006

summer at Anderson Gallery

There are two shows up at the Anderson Gallery this summer, or at least until the end of the month. The first floor show features work from a corporate collection, and the second floor show has stuff from the Anderson Gallery's collection that was selected by a museum studies class. Some of the artists featured in the two shows include Julia Jacquette, Elizabeth Peyton, Tom Sachs, Andy Warhol.... I'm forgetting.

T.L. Solien - It was a nice surprise to see this one. I saw his work in two concurrent solo shows in Philadelphia some time ago (at the Print Center and the Esther Klein Art Gallery - neither of which is listed on his resume for some reason) and then completely forgot about him again. He lives in Wisconsin.

Bill Haney - This big painting has a good spot on the second floor. That is Sidney Lewis standing in the doorway/painting. This painting is weird, full of strange overlaps and perspective. Look at the top and bottom of the door Sidney is standing in, or is that a painting of Sidney? Can't tell.

I have never heard of this artist and couldn't find anything about him on-line. The painting is The Right To, from 1973.

Floating private painting.