Friday, February 09, 2007

artist blogger portrait jerk

Barnaby Whitfield has posted a new fantastic drawing, a double portrait of artists (and bloggers) Nicole Eisenmann and Tom Sanford, inspired by Tom's post on Nicole.... so I want to show my recent painting of artist-bloggers Roberta Fallon and Libby Rosof.

Nicole has done some imaginary portraits of artist-bloggers like Mountain Man and Sloth, and I feel like I remember seeing artist-blogger Zoe Strauss in one of Roberta and Libby's pieces once... or maybe it was the other way around and Zoe did something with Roberta and Libby?

What else? Isn't Kelli the model for one of Barnaby's other pieces? Oh, artist-blogger Carol Es did some good Blogger Killings drawings, I think after having become frustrated with PaintersNYC commenters. I like this portrait sub-genre.

Barnaby is one of my favorite artists right now, even though I have only seen his stuff on-line.


Barnaby said...

MARTIN! thank you thank you...and very cool..(I haven't done anything of Kelli..one was in the works but was scrapped)

Did ya see I had Nicole's blogger pals (and blogger portrait pals) tag the boat? Anyway..I tried..

I love ya blog..


Anonymous said...

This is absurd. You are a faggot. However you can paint pretty ok. I mean Barnaby not Martin. Martin, I love you!!!!



PS. Barnaby, I suggest you start making work that means somethingl. DUH!

Anonymous said...

Art, even big 'A' art, goes for extensive periods while living without meaning.

So do people.

Anonymous said...

"alan" that's a cheap shot..and you are weak

blockinthesun said...

Barnaby is cool-and funny-carol es can not draw,though

HAHA said...

Barnaby is cool and funny, yes. So? He can still be a faggot with absurdity. I am Alan. I am not weak!!!!!! YOU ARE SO BENEATH THE EARTH.You STEAL. YOU ROB. YOU CORRECT YOUR OWN DEFINITIANCIES. FROGET MY THOUGHGOUTS. I CANNTNNTTTOT HEAR YOUUU AND DONUT WANNA.
Ther eis nothing seen that is familiar here. I am hypnotizing you into seeing me as different, ha.

ALAN!@!!!! said...

No! You do not know this. Barnaby is lessened and moistened by his works. Congrats Barnaby. Congrats Martin. Congrats Alan.

The arts are so enriching. Barnaby should stop his foolish menstruating. he is the new dash snow. Consider this. Dash snow is a picture of dick on the snow. I hope you agree with this and I hope that B. wants to lie in a pigsty. I know he would because he rubs his penis with pastels when he feels tired. He rubs his penis with salt in the morning and the evening. I admire this.

Anonymous said...

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