Monday, October 15, 2007

anaba reviews

It has been about three years. Can you match the anaba reviews with the reviewers? Some commenters are quoted more than once.

(there are more good ones, but so much of it is anonymous)

James Westcott
Libby Rosof
David Reed
Carla Knopp
Bill Gusky
Fairy Butler

Lee Rosenbaum
Steve Kaplan

Harry Roseman
Carson Fox
Zach Feuer

Don Joint
Walter Robinson
Bruce Wilhelm
Nicole Eisenman
Alison Fox
D. Dominick Lombardi
Paddy Johnson
Big Red & Shiny
Oliver Kamm
Kriston Capps
Paul Laster
Sarah Peters
Tyler Green
Zoe Strauss
Carol Es
Richard Polsky
Mountain Man
Edna aka Anonymous Female Artist aka Militant Art Bitch

1. Been meaning to contact you about your great post -- you know your stuff.
2. Why don't you take a little advice Martin. Some people will never be good painters. So why don't you go pound some rock salt up your ass.
3. hahahahalarious. - Nicole Eisenman (as Corny)
4. Your dim readership (as applies) should be ashamed of themselves. - Kriston Capps
5. Martin you are a lovely soul. Thanks for "keeping it real."
6. I think about the sandy canvases and odd color combinations and why would any one want to make things like this and finally I decide that they must be good paintings because they force me to retreat into my head which reinforces my decision to never leave my house again. - Bruce
7. I saw your paintings online, they aren’t bad, you should be able to “make it”, but you’ve got to get a reality check about how to “make it”.
8. Just wanted to drop you a note saying I think your Blog is swell. - Nicole E.
9. I really liked the pictures of your paintings outside of the Basel art fair. Really good.
10. Is there any way to take down the discussion about me?
11. It is a two part tender love story that shows the enduring bond that art brings into an artist’s life. Read it with a tissue in your hand people.
12. He's been nothing but supportive of my efforts, and was one of the first to plug my blog to others.
13. This comment thread is precisely why I can't read Martin Bromirski's blog. He kicks off the post with an egregious ad hominem spur, and the discussion quickly descends to a point below sea level. - Kriston
14. Tell your readers for me that I think you're a moron. - Walter Robinson
15. The thread over there is stupidly insane and the original post was idiotic.
16. Seriously, I laughed out loud about just thinking about this post today when I was by myself in the car. - Zoe
17. this is GREAT! one of your best blog entries yet!
18. I'm really not interested in corresponding with a site that allows some unknown person to refer to me as an "asshole." If you're going to dispense information, have the courage to list the person's name who's making lowbrow remarks. If you and your readers won't stand behind their convictions, then your site and its postings are irrelevant and meaningless. Think about it.
19. If it wasn't for you there would be no me. - Mountain Man
20. Martin's work for the most part leaves me confused.
21. As you have previously included me on your blog and seem a decent human being...
22. I like your paintings Martin. I would like to be included as one of your brothers.
23. Incredibly fasciniating martin, thanks for posting. Your paintings look good too.
24. You're certainly doing something different...really challenging the standards of taste - Carla
25. Martin, this is EXCEPTIONALLY good. I couldn't love it more.
26. Great to read about and see images from your visit.
27. Nice picture with Jo Baer
28. I liked you blog very much and will visit again.
29. thanks for the tip, and for starting this conversation
30. i'll take two for $2. please provide further instructions
31. I think what you are doing is great. Keep on keepin' on!
32. The judge's ecstatic art review is quoted on Martin Bromirski's Anaba blog, which is the next best thing to having been in the courtroom.
33. You have a real talent for writing, and your blog is a delight to read, as you are well informed, insightful, and have a good sense of humor.
34. Please understand I have no bitter feelings towards you, whatever your decision.
35. Martin Bromirski takes a good long look at what is going on. Based out of Richmond, VA, he is a smart guy with great ideas.
36. He's a complicated guy; you get the sense of layers of complexity beneath the surface
37. Martin Bromirski has to be one of the great ones--warm and generous and funny. What else matters?
38. This is jealous provincialism defined.
39. The Bromirsky retrospective opens, appropriately enough, with the famous Bubbles and Stuff of 2006, a painting too beautiful, to use an old fashioned word, to regard merely as a historical moment in the march forward of the modernists, and too compelling, as beauty always is, to see only as a work that influenced some important artists to begin staining canvas.

HINT: some of the matches not what you would expect, probably.


Anonymous said...

Now I'm curious. But I suppose it's all in the archives..?


martin said...

most of it is on the internet, comments posted here or on other blogs. some quotes are from e-mails.

Barnaby said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Barnaby said...

(oops..trying again)
brilliant, Martin! ya know a comment about me on your blog is in the running for my next solo's title(Hysterical Menstruating)

martin said...

hey barnaby! when is your show? i miss your blog.

Anonymous said...

You must be entertained when you get hate mail. I may be more entertained, Ive been back three times to try and figure it out. Of course i cant even figure out how many comments I have.


martin said...

bruce - two!

Mountain Man said...

Bruce I loved your comment about never leaving your home because of Martin's paintings. Martin I think mine was the one about without you there would be no me.

I will always love your blog. Thanks.

zs said...

Seriously, I stand by my statement forever and a day.

zs said...

When do we see the answers?

martin said...

zoe and mountain man!!!

i will add answers to the ones that have been claimed or guessed.

mounatin man, i am glad to know you are still out there.

Barnaby said...

Martin..I believe the show is at the end of March..I have to tell ya I don't miss my blog at all.. yours on the other hand.. can't do without..agreed.

Mountain Man said...

I am pretty sure for some reason hahahalarious is N.E. a/k/a corny. Why am I obsessed with this post???

martin said...

correct! how well do you know your turn of corny phrasing? there are two.

ps - mm, you have a second one also.

shoes are it said...

How about this one? "Oh. You mean the blog dorks?"

martin said...

shoes - that one doesn't count, because it couldn't possibly be a reference to anaba.

backstory please?

shoes are it said...

This was at least 1 1/2 years ago. Maybe more.

sai to $: Great show. I read about it on an art blog [Can't remember which which show or which blog anymore.].

$ to sai: Oh. You mean the blog dorks?

Carla said...

Did I say #21? or maybe #24? I'm stumped.

Carla said...

It should be cheating to identify my own comment, but my memory issues make it fair.

martin said...

carla is #24.

Carla said...

Wow that sounds so snarky, taken out of the context of my inner dialogue (which is always quite sweet and gentle).

Anonymous said...

I feel like I probably said 8. and possibly 21., but I'm not sure. I'm guessing Walter Robinson took 4 and 14. Paddy Johnson

martin said...

paddy - you only got one right. #14 was walter.

4. kriston capps
8. nicole e.
21. s. kaplan

Paddy Johnson said...

Dude. I didn't even get my own quote right! uh-oh!

Kriston said...

I wrote 13, did I not?

martin said...


Anonymous said...

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