Friday, October 05, 2007

Wide Open, at McCaig-Wells

Nick Kuszyk has curated a huge show at McCaig-Wells. Lots of friends of Nick's, Richmond-connections, and collaborations between Nick and the artists. Last Day is October 7th!

Peter Sutherland - this is the guy that did the VBS.TV Richard Prince episodes... I went to his (old) website and am liking his work, definitely seeing the affinity for Prince.

His pictures make me pine for Travis Conner... (ps - Travis, if you are reading this, I know I still owe you money, sorry. I owe everybody money). Travis is probably not reading this of course, he is probably sitting in a boxcar somewhere...

Kai Vierstra (MY HOST!) + Nick Kuszyk - it's one of the show's many collaborations.

Kai's earthquakes and tornadoes are made by stressing and bending; the flat wooden boards get clamped and screwed to fit the curved metal parts, cracking and splintering as he tightens them. Go to his website to see the videos... nice popping and cracking sounds.

Kai's palette is usally raw - concrete, wood, metal, cactus - but for this one the board was first given to Nick to be painted orange and colonized, before being returned to Kai.

Peter Corrie

Tunde Adebimpe
Tunde Adebimpe - i can't find a link to more of Tunde's art, but you have definitely heard his music.


Also in this show are Drew Liverman, Bruce Wilhelm, Sto, Langdon Graves, Bonnie Collura, Pat Berran... TOO MANY to name them all, there are 115 pieces in the show!


Anonymous said...

Ok, another small world attack. I used to know Tunde long ago though some comics he made. Good to see he's still working!


martin said...

w - did you know he fronts Tv on the Radio? i'll put a link to a video after his name.

are you the w i think you are? wc?

Anonymous said...

I am, only I can't remember my login for Google. I AM WARREN!

I had no idea he fronts that band, but I have listened to them and like them. Tunde is cool.


Anonymous said...

I should be clear - I barely knew him, but did hang out with him some, and got his great minicomic and sent a review of it to the Comics Journal but they didn't pick it up. I don't want to act like we were best pals - just brief acquientences (sp?), but I remember him as being very friendly and cool.


aok said...

Martin -
I noticed Dave Choi is listed as an artist in the show Nick curated. If he's the Dave who went to Scotland with a group of my students please tell him I'd love to hear from him.

vc said...

I worked with Dave at a restaurant in Richmond for several years in the 90s. What's he up to? (if it's the same one)

Kai Vierstra said...

Dave "the coolest" Choi's doing his thing in Brooklyn. Sometimes he cruises the city in big trucks, throwing art around.
Thanks for the coverage. I cropped that picture, did you see? Loving it? Martin Prince haha? Anyways, my post collaborative life is different, I'm having a love affair with color. Scarlet hues & emblazoned blues

Anonymous said...

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