Sunday, December 16, 2007

interview blogz

THREE artist interview blogs -

A couple of weeks ago I posted about being on an artist interview blog, and have since discovered a new artist interview blog... so here are the three artist interview blogs I'm currently aware of.

1. The eXTra finGer - this one has been running for more than a year, posting regularly enough that I wish there was some sort of alphabetical index of all the artists he's interviewed. Claudio Parentela is an artist who lives and works in Italy, and his blog queries artists from all over the world... mostly Europeans and Americans.

Claudio has a preference for figurative work, especially stuff that is a little bit dark or disturbing, and lots of Juxtapoz-like stuff.

Dana Carlson, Carol Es, Rosemarie Fiore, Susan Jamison, Gina Magid, Terri Saul, Kim Scott. - these examples don't necessarily fit the description above, these are just some of my favorites.

2. Life, The Universe, and Art - by Belinda Haikes, focusing on a different artist each month. This one is the best. !!!

3. The Old Gold - this is the newest one, by Jon Lutz, an art historian (and an artist?) with the good idea of focusing on artist's older, less-known, work.... from way back in 2002-2005. What? Anyways, it's an effort, but would be a more interesting concept (to me) if he looked at work from 10-20+ years ago, made by artists who have only relatively recently started to get more national/international exposure. I'm thinking of artists like Joe Fyfe, Joanne Greenbaum, David Humphrey, James Siena, Amy Sillman - artists born in the 50's whose pre-2000 work most of us have probably never seen.

My examples are all painters. I wonder if that means something, other than the fact that I love painting.

Wendy White, on The Old Gold.

PLUS: some of my "Old Gold".... stuff from 1989, more 1989, 1990/91.


Clay Blancett said...

Hey where's the post about Kai's blog? I think I know him!

Martin said...

oh, i put it up quick and then took it down again for later. i guess you saw it?

here's his blog -


he is not getting any comments, so i was hoping i could get ten people to say "hi" or something, as a christmas present.

Clay Blancett said...

Yeah, it came up and stayed up over on rvabloogs. I'll go pester him for you :)

Kai said...

the giddy haze of comment nirvana has lifted, and my hip's still killing me.

Martin said...

kai your hip is sharp indeed. maybe you should lose the trucker hat? would that help?

Kai said...

Sharp? try smooshed into a blob. And the hat?, it's fitted, no self respecting trucker would rock such a thing. Go Mariners!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I've been to Kai's blog. Its great. I thought about you a week or so ago when I was in Miami... what a scene! What decadence! I hoped I'd run into you but thought it unlikely since you are now in the land of currier and ives.

AND - thanks for the links you've included here. You are so generous, Mr. Anaba.

Anonymous said...

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