Friday, May 11, 2007

More POTATOES found!!!

YAY! I found more stuff from the Potato Year in my storage locker! Sometimes I am a little nervous posting OLD stuff... but they really made me laugh when I saw them again.

Star-Spangled Potato, 1989

It's a xerox of a potato covered in pushpins.

Normal Potato VS. Insane Potato, 1989

Celestial Potato, 1989

I used to be so weird at the supermarket with the potatoes...

Good thing I'm not weird anymore!

Two Potatoes - Two Worlds, 1989

Oops, I spelled "potatoes" wrong. It was made before Dan Quayle made the famous spelling mistake. One side says something like "He was the All-American Potato", the other sides says things like "He was a quiet potato", "a loner", "nobody ever expected anything like this to happen". I think I originally had this set flat with two potatoes on it...

I still need to figure out what happened to the potato mystery train, and some others. That was a really weird one...

The potatoes grew into the Humbertos. Humberto's brain was a potato. Actually... Humberto at one point eats a poison potato and dies; his soul flies away in the form of a potato.

But the torment continued...

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