Saturday, May 05, 2007

Jo Baer review(S)

I'm glad to see that Jo Baer got a good review in the NYTimes. It's amazing how many exhibitions never get mentioned anywhere at all.

UPDATE: Carrie Moyer reviews Jo Baer for the Brooklyn Rail.

Some of the shows I saw on my last trip to NYC have been reviewed in the NYTimes, but I would like to read other views on those, and there were many other shows I saw (and some good ones I missed) that I haven't seen noted anywhere.

Here is a list of some of the shows I was interested in but which I haven't seen enough, or ANY, mentions of. It would be nice if they received more attention/discussion. Let me know of any and I can add the link (if there is a link).

Philip Akkerman - on Jen Bandini
John Beech
John Dilg
Andreas Hofer - I was seduced by the comic books of this one... I'm less into it now. I'll tell you, I have a stat counter, and he has been googled A LOT. - in Village Voice
Lauren Luloff
Mitzi Pederson
Lamar Peterson
Michael Rodriguez
David Shapiro - in Village Voice (scroll down)
Jered Sprecher - on PaintersNYC
Michael St. John - on Jen Bandini
Charles Steffen
Margo Victor - on Heart as Arena

I should wait for the magazines...

Here is a link to all my Chelsea posts, Brooklyn posts. The show at Momenta was very good, but I never posted on it (yet?)... oh, and the woman at Like the Spice was wow, amazingly nice.

It was disappointing to find that Paul Sharpe has closed.


Anonymous said...

hey martin, thanks for the link! great blog!
jen b (escapetonewyork.net)

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