Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hans Heiner Buhr

Hans Heiner Buhr....

and Hans has worked hard on Horse Thief Sayat-Nova St: A Fictional Story from Old Tbilisi... click on the red words to see the pictures. It's COMPUTER art! (+ photography, performance, literature, digital, collage, text/image).

"Often I dreamed, how was Tbilisi 150 or 200 years ago? Living in the oldest part of Tbilisi, it was quite easy to imagine it myself, as the district is barely touched, but falling apart these days from lack of any repairs. This will change very soon with the implimentation of govermental and private reconstruction programmes. There is a good chance, that what you see here does not exist anymore, except in our imagination and in history. I worked over the last 3 winter month on digital collages on a fictional story about an imaginary horse thief in Old Tbilisi. I tried to catch my private romantic vision of this quarter. I tried to remember the streets and their living inhabitants, the many families from all different origins living in and around Sayat-Nova-Street and to work on artistic problems in my collages. But it became something else"