Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Believers,

THE BELIEVERS, curated by Nato Thompson, at Mass Moca.

Erkki Kurenniemi - electronic music, video art, synthesized music, theremin, electronics, color, a dancer, b fuller, psychedelic, sex machine, hands touching making colored lights and tones!

Theo Jansen - AWESOME!

Jonathan Meese- painting, supertramp, mel brooks, hitler salute, hot sun, painting, painting on his body, outdoor ampitheatre, older woman... "thank you mommy", running all around with a hand mirror, dancing, up in the stands, hopping up and down with the nazi salute and a handmirror, to supertramp.

carianacarianne - selves indulgent... get over yourselves.... like trying to have an imaginary friend without having the imagination.... a sad twist on every man's fantasy; instead of two girls with half a brain, it's one hyper-neurotic girl. YUK!

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