Thursday, May 31, 2007

some anaba friends showing in nyc...

Some anaba friends showing in NYC, now or soon -

Michael Mewborn - June 5-17 at Broome Street Gallery, 498 Broome St in SoHo. There's no artist's reception, but he will be there some on June 9.

Michael Mewborn
Michael had a GOOD show at ADA Gallery last year.... I was really into it. Was that only less than a year ago? Seems like longer. They were his first new paintings after a thirty-year break. Crazy.

I would definitely have asked him to be in Art Basel: Stuffy's, except I wanted it to be an all-Richmond show, and he lives in Lynchburg.

Huston Ripley - through June 29 at FEATURE. He's showing on the mezzanine level.

Huston was one of the bartenders when I used to spend A LOT of time at Dirty Frank's, in Philadelphia (maybe 1989-1993 or so). Well... Frank's and McGlinchey's, back and forth.

Gallery Axiom, Philadelphia
This is funny to see, a picture of the long-gone Philadelphia gallery Gallery Axiom, 1991(?), with Huston's work in the upstairs window and my stuff in the downstairs window.

(Does anybody remember Annie Somerville's collaborative space that was down the street??? What was that called? Any pictures? It was on the second floor, over a liquor store.. a HUGE space that they made into a live/work/exhibition/band/party place.... I'm not sure if I'm spelling Annie's name right.)

Zoe Strauss - through June 23 at Silverstein. I don't think I need to say anything extra about how excellent Zoe's work is.... Libby has a report from the opening, Brent has a nice post.

I would also like to see -

Nicholas Krushenick at Marianne Boesky. James Kalm did a youtube of it.