Thursday, May 10, 2007

grave marker!!!

I ate a turkey sandwich in the Maple Grove Cemetery.

Next I went back to Mass Moca to see The Believers again... and Erik van Lieshout. Mass Moca is great... the ride was so nice today, the air smelled so fresh and green.

I lucked out because Spencer Finch is installing his big upcoming show and I got to meet him...

surfing the hoosick??
Surfing the Hoosick??? This was a surprise on the way back... they found a little hole to play in.


Cristina said...

i think i really hate that it actually says "primitive." probably just because the word tends to have a negative connotation.

martin said...

yeah really. what is a primitive painting anyway?

Jean said...

Hi -- I am glad you posted this image. We were in that area recently but we ran out of time to go look for it so it means another advanterous trip! I see on the map that the main road divides the resting ground. If I were heading north on RT 7, which side is this located on? And could you give me some clues to it's whereabouts?

You might be interested in Will Moses, great grandson of Grandma Moses who does art in the same style.

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Thanks so much!