Tuesday, April 10, 2007

John Beech

John Beech at Peter Blum. I was really into his sculpture...

John Beech
This piece is like a little tomb or sarcophagus... kind of Paul Thek. Just a big block of dirty foam, some plexi, and some silver tape.

John Beech
He had some sculpture on poles leaning against the wall... called leaners. This one is Cushion Leaner #1... it's an old blue denim(?) cushion encased in plexi.

John Beech

John Beech
Sonotube Leaner, Blunt Leaner, Car-Mat Leaner.

John Beech
These leaners are a little like Huang Yong Ping's Face/Brains... but from THE FUTURE.

thanks, John Beech.


markcreegan said...

Yeah these are hot! I knew of his dumpster drawings and his rotating paintings. But these are a great addition. A real fertile mind at work. And the diversity of approaches is inspiring. Great post.

martin said...

this room had some big paintings, and there was another room of smaller pieces... but i liked these plexi sculptures best, with the green line piece just visible in the top picture.

david kramer said...

nice blog. John Beech is great.
Blog on!